Turn Your Firearms Into Cash with Our Consignment Services

Considering selling your firearms but don't want the hassle? We make selling your firearms easy while ensuring you get the best value

How It Works:

Bring your firearms to F&E Shooters Supply for evaluation.

  • Requirements 
      •  Must be in safe and working order. 
      • Must have a Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, and Caliber clearly marked.
        • May not be a privately made firearm. 

We will help determine fair market value for your items.  

We handle the rest, including the display and tagging the price for your firearm in store. 

When a buyer is found, we will complete all the paperwork including the background check.  

Once sold, you will receive your share of the proceeds. 

Maximum length of consignment: 90 days

  •  If an item is not sold in 90 days, there are no fees to return it back to you.  
  • If you take it off consignment before 90 days, there is a $35 fee.  
  • All consignments are sold with a 30-day function guarantee. The seller is responsible for any repairs needed in this 30-day period unless the function is due to the misuse of the buyer.


  • Maximize Value: Get the best possible price for your firearms. 
  • Hands-Free Selling: We take care of the entire selling process for you. We may call you with offers from our customers. 
  • Wide Exposure: Tap into our customer base and online presence.

Important notes:

To receive any consignment item back that does not sell, you will need to fill out a background check. 

  •  If you are selling a semi-auto rifle, you must possess a valid semi auto permit. 
  • This also applies for all pistols, you must possess a valid pistol permit.


F&E Shooters Supply has a consignment fee equivalent to 20% of the selling price per firearm, with a minimum charge of $100 per firearm. Exceptional high-end and collector items may justify a reduced consignment fee, determined upon assessment of the firearm or collection. This fee covers transfer fees, along with completion of all necessary state and federal paperwork. Additionally, we handle all bank fees/credit card fees. 

  • If you take an item off consignment before 90 days, there is a $35 fee.

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